Company Profile

Dampier Gold Limited is a gold exploration and mining company with two major exploration projects and one development project, namely a farm-in Joint Venture on the K2 Gold Mine in the East Murchison Goldfields in Western Australia. For K2, Dampier has the right to earn a 50% interest in the project for the expenditure of up to A$3M.

Dampier 100% over ~1,000 km² of exploration tenements covering several ancient paleo river channels in the Kimberley Region of Western Australia, referred to as the Ruby Plains Placer Gold Project Ruby Plains are considered prospective for older (Tertiary circa 50Mya) biogeochemical enriched gold deposits and younger (Quaternary circa 3Mya) quartz pebble conglomerate and gravel placer deposits similar to the Californian Goldfields. The historical Halls Creek Goldfield lies to the north west which is believed to be the potential source of gold in the paleo-channels at Ruby Plains.

In addition, Dampier has acquired two tenements north of the gold mining centre of Kalgoorlie at Menzies (196 km²) and Goongarrie (154 km²). Dampier now has a presence in the gold-rich Kalgoorlie region and is excited about the scope to undertake exploration on this relatively under-explored ground in this region.