West Goongarrie

Project Location and Regional Geology

West Goongarrie is located about 100kms north east of Kalgoorlie and best access is via the Davyhurst road from Siberia or alternately the Evanston t-road from Menzies.


West Goongarrie is held under granted tenement E29/1051 applied for by Discovery Capital Limited on behalf of Discovery and three other parties.

Project Rationale

On the extreme southern boundary of ELA 29/1051 a small outcrop of ultramafic has been mapped. The balance of the project area is alluvial covered, thickness unknown.

The majority of information and hence the basis for the exploration rationale is the regional magnetics (see Figure). West Goongarrie is the lenticular feature (after BIF?) located in the eastern half of the figure.

Of note from the magnetics is the emplacement of a pluton within this greenstone unit. This structure has broad – albeit of smaller dimension – characteristics of the Goongarrie structure (see figure).

The magnetics suggest very strongly that the project is underlain by a BIF together with possible greenstone lithologies. This interpretation has been supported by the assay results from the first stage reconnaissance program completed and announced in October 2019 (see figure)

The Goongarrie field produced around 30,000 ozs of Au historically and there are a number of groups currently exploring in the area for stand-alone open cut targets.

Proposed Programme

West Goongarrie is a greenfields project that offers:

The area is under cover and the first pass orientation survey undertaken by Dampier will be used to determine the next step in the exploration programme.

Any programme could be fast tracked and with the magnetics indicating quite concise targets exploration can be well targeted.

The field program concluded in the September quarter that there is present high iron (Fe), magnesium (Mg) rocks in Dampier’s tenement and the presence of anomalous nickel and gold which indicate the presence of greenstone lithologies which coincide with the significant structural feature illustrated in the adjacent enhanced magnetic image.

Goongarrie Tenement and Regional Magnetics

West Goongarrie Targets

West Goongarrie Target in Significant Structure shown in processed Regional Magnetics

Goongarrie Reconnaissance Sample Results